Blepharitis and Eyelid Cleaning Products

The human body has mechanisms laid down by nature and ways to eliminate various problems, dermatologic included. But with some difficulties, the body needs help. One such issue is blepharitis, and in this case, Noveha antimicrobial eyelid and lash cleanser is a great solution.

Basic Signs of Blepharitis and Ways of Manifestation

Red and swollen eyes often speak of blepharitis. Under these words, it means the occurrence of difficulties not with the eyeball but with the upper or lower eyelid. Manifests this trouble as:

  • A red tint to the eyelid; 
  • A feeling that some debris has fallen into the eye; 
  • A feeling of dryness of the eye with intense tear production; 
  • A burning sensation above or below the eye; 
  • Appearance of dry skin scales on the eyelashes; 
  • Localized loss of eyelashes. 

Blepharitis is the process of inflammation. It can be caused by several reasons as: 

  • Disorder of the glands of the eyelid that are responsible for moisturizing the eyes; 
  • Certain types of dermatitis that increase the intensity of sebum secretion; 
  • The occurrence of certain bacteria, such as Staphylococcus; 
  • Certain types of skin disease; 
  • Banal allergic reactions to cosmetic or hygiene products, contact lenses, and so on. 

In any case, this problem requires solutions. The main steps to get rid of the nuisance can be: 

  1. Good and proper hygiene and cleansing of the eyelid. 
  2. Application of remedies that eliminate bacteria.
  3. Brings the mucosa back to normal, improves glandular function. 

A slight relief comes immediately after the first application. The maximum effect of the product on the skin will be achieved with regular use and not earlier than after a week. The effect of the eyelid cleanser can sometimes be enhanced by additional medications, as recommended by doctors.

Why Hypochlorous Acid? 

Just imagine that our bodies produce hypochlorous acid to get rid of germs. This is why hydrochloric acid is the basis of eyelid cleansers for blepharitis. It is a natural remedy that allows users to: 

  • Safely and confidently clean the eyelid; 
  • Reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation and achieve relief; 
  • Get rid of bacteria on the eyelids and eyelash; 
  • Moisturize the mucous membrane of the eye; 
  • The product has a properly selected pH level; 
  • It is absolutely safe for your health. 

Using the product on a long-term basis allows users to take care of hygiene, get rid of existing problems, and prevent the appearance of others, which makes this spray the best eyelid cleanser for blepharitis. 

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