Why Do You Need Lipo Lab PPC Solution?

The efficacy of these enhancements varies from six months to an impressive one and a half years, providing a long-lasting impact. Over time, these enhancers gradually diminish, releasing valuable compounds that actively nourish the skin. This process not only contributes to skin revitalization but also plays a role in overall skin rejuvenation, resulting in a refreshed and youthful appearance. Essentially, enhancers offer an innovative way to achieve aesthetic goals while also promoting skin health.

The use of lipolytic injections is recommended when at least one of the following issues is present:

  • Excess fat in the area under the chin;
  • Unwanted fat deposits on the neck and shoulders;
  • Prominent fullness in the cheeks;
  • Excess fat on the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks;
  • Significant fat accumulation on the palms of the hands.

How to use lipo solution? 

The product https://derma-solution.com/shop/fatdissolving/lipo-lab-ppc-solution/  can be used to correct almost any area of the body. Lipolytic solution for the face contributes to the skin’s elasticity and youthful appearance, improving its hydration and elasticity, providing a clearer facial contour, reducing wrinkles (lipolytic injections under the eyes), reducing the nasolabial fold (lipolytic injections in the nose area), and eliminating fullness in the chin area (lipolytic injections in the chin). Typically, 4 to 5 treatments are required.

When aiming for a more defined silhouette, lipolytic treatments targeted at the abdominal region are crucial. These procedures work together to create a slimmer waistline, effectively reducing the volume of the sides. It is extremely important to emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle post-procedure. Even a slight increase in body weight can reverse the achieved results.

Lipo lab fat dissolve treatments tailored for the buttocks are essential for achieving firmness and tightness in this area. The skin’s texture improves, combating the presence of cellulite and enhancing the overall contours of the body. The rejuvenating effects of buttock-oriented lipolytics are truly transformative. Although rarely used due to minimal fat deposits in these areas, lipolytic interventions for the neck and décolleté area are worth considering. 


No special preparation or hospitalization is required. Before starting the procedure, the cosmetologist assesses the patient’s health condition and measures body parameters to monitor the results. Then, a suitable preparation is selected and injected under the skin with a fine needle in the correction area. The injection depth depends on the specific lipolytic characteristics.

Results from lipolytic injections 

The procedure’s effectiveness is assessed after the first session, but the most noticeable results are visible after completing the course. The number of sessions is determined by the type of drug used. As a result, body volumes are reduced, the skin condition improves, depending on the area of ​​injection, cellulite is reduced, the thickness of the fat layer is reduced by 5-6 cm, wrinkles disappear, and the contours of the face and figure become clearer. A wide range of drugs are available for this procedure, among which is the Lipo Lab PPC Solution.

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