How To Bet On UEFA Euro Cup 2024: Top 10 Betting Sites

Get-set-go to explore the UEFA Euro Cup 2024 with the best betting odds with our dedicated overview. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned player, you need a friend to guide you in making a smart bet for the most awaited football championship. We are here to highlight the favorites and underdogs. We are excited and eager to push up the experience with tips and insights on sports betting Singapore.

Stay tuned to keep you updated with our prediction that can help you score big while the match kicks off.

Listing Best 10 UEFA Euro Cup 2024 Betting Sites in Singapore

1.     Maxim88: Safe And Secure Platform for Sports Betting. 

2.     BK8: Top-Notch Betting Site With Solid Reputation

3.     me88: Excellent Odds For Handicap Betting Offering Maximize Returns

4.     96M: Exclusive Platform For Live Streaming And Live Betting On Sports

5.     B9casino: Paramount Option For Live Streaming  For Football Leagues

6.     1xbet: Enjoy Unmatched Live Betting In Singapore, Offering Thrill In-Play Wagers

7.     MyStake: Finest Sportsbook  Bonus And Promotion In Singapore

8.     Fun88: Generous Bonuses For Enhancing The Betting Journey

9.     Gembet: Live Sports Betting Site Offering Intuitive Betting And Fair Odds.

10.  EU9: Allow Huge Range Of Betting Options With Six Different Bookmakers

Types of Bets for Football

  • HDP (Handicap): One team gets a virtual advantage or disadvantage in this betting. Let’s take, for example, if a team has a -1.5 handicap, then it needs to win by 2 goals to get declared as the winner.
  • O/U (Over/Under): This betting involves predicting the total number of goals scored in a match. You can either bet to predict the total number of goals surpassed or is under with a specific number like Over 2.5 goals or can be Under 2.5 goals.
  • Correct score: In this betting, the player needs to predict the exact final score of the football match. This allows the players to foresee the precise number of goals each team scores. It gets featured with the highest odds due to difficulty level.
  • Double chance: Players can cover two outcomes with a bet to enhance their chance of winning. You can bet for the home team winning 1X or draw X2. You can even bet on the away team winning or its draw chance. You can even bet 12 for either team winning, but no draw.
  • First Goal Scorer/Anytime Goal Scorer: In the first goal scorer bet, the player must predict which team will make the first goal. Meanwhile, in the anytime goalscorer bet, the bettor can bet on who can score at any time of the match.
  • Half-Time/Full-Time (HT/FT): Here, you can predict the twists encountered at intervals and at the end. For example, bet on a draw/home that displays a tie at halftime and a home team winning at the end of the game.
  • O/E (Odd/Even): It is a straightforward option where the player needs to predict whether the total goal will be odd or even in number.
  • Total Goal: The player gets the chance to predict an exact number of goals scored in a complete match.
  • Mix Parlay: In this bet, you can combine multiple selections of different matches into one single bet. The selection should win the overall parlay to declare triumph. It yields a higher return because the odds of each selection are multiplying altogether. However, it involves risk, as a single losing selection can cause bet losses.  
  • Outright: Involve prediction of the overall outcome of the entire league or tournament. Here, you can bet on which team can win the premier league cup, who will be the tournament’s top scorer, and more. These bets are placed before the tournament starts so that you can gain substantial rewards for long-term ventures.
  • Live Betting: Best known as In-Play Betting. You can bet while the action unfolds in real time, causing a change in the odds with the game’s progress and providing you with an adrenaline-packed experience.

How do Football Odds Work?

You must understand that football odds are the fundamental step for winning the league bet. Odds mean displaying the probability related to certain outcomes, such as winning a match. It provides information on the percentage of money you can win based on your betting amount. Higher odds mean a team is not that effective in winning, but it can lead to bigger prizes if done strategically.

Lower odds suggest a team’s winning, but the winning amount is quite low. By looking at the odds, you can decide which bet is more appropriate for your betting experience. You can enjoy the game at its fullest with smart betting odds.

How do You Sign Up for a Sports Betting Site and Bet?

Are you aware of the process needed to sign up for an online casino Singapore? If a big “No” is your answer! Then, follow the steps mentioned below. Let’s begin the show with your first bet. For example, let’s take Maxim88, an excellent choice for Singaporeans.

First, Visit the Online Bookmaker

First, browse the Maxim88, then attempt to click on the “join button” present on the right side of the screen. Some of the bookmarkers can provide apps that are accessible on mobile.

Enter the Required Information

Fill in some information to finalize a casino account, such as username and password. The majority of options are available on various websites to fulfill the requirement.

Make the Required Deposit

Before betting, add some amount to the account. Follow the process of bankrolling and filling in the required financial information, such as the bank and payment methods. The deposit you make gets credited to the account instantly.

Select the Sport and its Bet Type

Start browsing the sportsbook and pick a market and the bet type you need to execute further. Click on the bet and add it to the bet slip.

Select the Bet Amount

Before placing the bet, you must enter the amount on the bet slip. After this, submit the bet and wait until the list of winners is declared.


With the decade’s highest record, Maxim88 provides an undeniable sports betting experience. We have tried and tested it and found it to tick all the boxes right- from legit licensing to an intuitive user interface. Multiple payment options and an array of sportsbooks make it an ideal choice for Singaporeans to bet on the UEFA Euro Cup 2024. The quality customer service and fairness in terms of bonuses make it highly suitable for your needs. 

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