Who is Misscarriejune? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height and Career

Misscarriejune, also known as Carriejune Anne Bowlby, is a 28-year-old American fitness model, influencer, and social media sensation. Born and raised in New Jersey, Misscarriejune has taken the fitness world by storm with her impressive physique and inspiring journey.

With over 2.8 million followers on Instagram, she has become one of the most sought-after personalities in the industry. Her love for fitness began in the 5th grade when she started participating in track and field, gymnastics, and cheerleading. Her passion for health and wellness continued to grow throughout her schooling years, and she quickly became known for her energy and flexibility.

Today, Misscarriejune is a fitness icon and a role model for her followers, encouraging them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. She inspires and motivates others through her social media platforms, sharing her training and diet regimens and spreading positivity and self-love. With her dedication and hard work, Misscarriejune inspires many and is a force to be reckoned with in the fitness industry.

Misscarriejune’s Biography/Wiki

Full NameMisscarriejune (Carriejune Anne Bowlby)
Age28 years old
Date of BirthFebruary 7, 1996
ProfessionFitness Model, Influencer, Social Media Sensation
BirthplaceNew Jersey, USA
Instagram FollowersOver 2.8 million
Career Highlights– Impressive physique and inspiring fitness journey
– Active in track and field, gymnastics, and cheerleading since 5th grade
– Known for energy and flexibility
ImpactFitness icon and role model for promoting a healthy and active lifestyle
Social MediaActive on various platforms, shares training and diet regimens, spreads positivity and self-love
Net Worth$3 million

Who is Misscarriejune?

Who is Misscarriejune? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height and Career

Misscarriejune, a beacon of fitness inspiration, hails from New Jersey. She burst onto the scene with a passion for fitness. This passion was ignited early, making her a standout figure. Her real name, Carriejune Anne Bowlby, reflects her all-American roots. But it’s Misscarriejune that fans around the globe recognize. She’s not just a model; she’s a lifestyle.

A lifestyle that promotes strength, both mental and physical. She’s more than an influencer with an Instagram following in the millions. She’s a mentor to many, guiding through example. Her journey from athletic child to fitness icon is captivating. It showcases dedication, resilience, and the power of following one’s passion.

Misscarriejune embodies the essence of transformation through hard work. She’s proof that with dedication, anyone can achieve their fitness goals. Her story is not just about fitness. It’s about embracing one’s journey with grace and tenacity.

Early Life and Introduction to Fitness

In the heart of New Jersey, a young Carriejune Anne Bowlby found her calling. The playground was her first gym, where she discovered the joy of movement. By the 5th grade, her days were filled with the rigour of track and field. Gymnastics and cheerleading were just a little behind, adding layers to her budding passion.

Each sport offered a new challenge, shaping her resilience. Early mornings became a testament to her dedication. Family and friends noticed her burgeoning energy, often marvelling at her natural agility. This wasn’t just a phase but the beginning of a lifelong journey. These formative years laid the foundation for an illustrious career in fitness.

Carriejune’s early embrace of physical activity wasn’t merely about sports. It was a deep-seated love for pushing her limits. This early introduction to fitness was more than just training; it shaped character. Through sweat and determination, a fitness icon was in the making.

Misscarriejune’s Education

Details of Misscarriejune’s formal education remain relatively private. Yet, interviews and social media have surfaced hints of her educational journey. She attended a local high school in New Jersey, where her passion for fitness already shone brightly.

There, she excelled not only in athletics but academically as well. A balance of sports and study marked her school years. This equilibrium undoubtedly helped shape her discipline. Beyond high school, specifics about further education are still being determined. She has, however, demonstrated an ongoing commitment to learning, particularly in fitness and nutrition.

Misscarriejune has taken courses to deepen her understanding of these subjects. Such dedication highlights her desire for growth. Formal and self-directed education plays a crucial role in her life. Her journey underscores the value of continuous learning, especially in pursuing one’s passion to the fullest.

Misscarriejune’s Family

Who is Misscarriejune? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height and Career

Carriejune Anne Bowlby, known as Misscarriejune, treasures her family deeply. They have been her unwavering support system since day one. Details about her family members are kept out of the public eye. Yet, it’s evident that their influence is profound. She credits her family for instilling the values of hard work and persistence in her.

They were always there, from early mornings at track meets to late nights at the gym. Her parents, though not fitness enthusiasts themselves, encouraged her passion. Siblings, if any, remain a mystery, but one can imagine the shared moments of laughter and support. Holidays and family gatherings, she hints, are filled with joy and encouragement.

Her family’s belief in her dream has been a constant source of motivation. They celebrate her successes and lift her during challenges. Carriejune often shares anecdotes of her upbringing in interviews, painting a picture of love and camaraderie. Her journey is a testament to the fact that behind every successful individual is a supportive family.

Misscarriejune’s Husband/boyfriend

Misscarriejune is happily married to Steve Ace, a relationship that beautifully complements her life and career. Their union is more than just a partnership; it’s a synergy of mutual respect, support, and love that resonates throughout their everyday lives.

While maintaining a relatively low profile compared to his wife’s public persona, Steve Ace is known to share her enthusiasm for fitness and wellness, often being spotted alongside Carriejune in various fitness endeavours and social media posts. This shared passion has undoubtedly created a strong bond, making them an influential couple in fitness and lifestyle.

Steve’s presence in Carriejune’s life is a testament to the importance of having a supportive partner who respects and encourages one’s ambitions and professional pursuits. Their relationship, away from the prying eyes of the media, remains a private sanctuary of love, understanding, and shared goals. Together, they navigate the complexities of life, celebrating each success and facing challenges head-on as a united front.

Misscarriejune’s Career

Carriejune Anne Bowlby, known professionally as Misscarriejune embarked on a career in the fitness industry as a model and influencer. Her journey began on social media, where she shared her fitness routines, dietary advice, and motivational insights. This transparent and relatable approach quickly garnered a substantial following, catapulting her to prominence within the fitness community.

Beyond Instagram, Misscarriejune extended her influence by launching a personal fitness website, offering workout plans and nutritional guides tailored to her followers’ needs. Her dedication to fitness and wellness has led to partnerships with significant fitness apparel and supplement brands, further solidifying her status in the industry.

Misscarriejune’s commitment to inspiring others has made her a fitness household name and allowed her to touch the lives of millions worldwide, encouraging them to pursue healthier, more active lifestyles. Her achievements demonstrate the power of passion and perseverance in turning personal interests into a thriving career.

Misscarriejune’s Net Worth

Who is Misscarriejune? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height and Career

As of 2024, Carriejune Anne Bowlby, widely recognized as Misscarriejune, has amassed a net worth estimated at $3 million. This impressive financial milestone is a testament to her success as a fitness model, influencer, and entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry.

Her earnings stem from various sources, including her sizable social media presence, with millions of followers engaged with her fitness routines and motivational content. Additionally, her income is bolstered by her fitness website, where she offers tailored workout plans, nutritional advice, and partnerships with leading fitness apparel and supplement brands.

Misscarriejune’s ability to monetize her passion for fitness and transform it into a lucrative career highlights her savvy business acumen and dedication to her brand. This net worth represents financial success and the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and a deep commitment to inspiring others towards a healthier lifestyle.

Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Height5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
WeightApproximately 60 kg (132 lbs)
Chest Size36 inches
Waist Size32 inches
Hip Size34 inches
Eye ColorStriking black
Hair ColorLight blonde


Carriejune Anne Bowlby, celebrated under the moniker Misscarriejune, has not publicly disclosed extensive details regarding her ethnic background. Respecting her choice for privacy in certain aspects of her life, it is essential to focus on her accomplishments and the diverse impact she has within the fitness community.

Her influence transcends cultural and ethnic boundaries, showcasing her universal appeal as a fitness icon. Through her platform, she fosters an inclusive environment, encouraging individuals from all walks of life to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Her success story is an inspiration, proving that dedication to fitness and wellness has no ethnic limitations. Misscarriejune’s story emphasizes the unifying power of shared goals and aspirations in health and fitness, making her a beloved figure to a wide and varied audience.

Carriejune Anne Bowlby, widely recognized as Misscarriejune, maybe a fitness powerhouse, but her interests and talents extend beyond the gym. Here’s a glimpse into some fun facts that fans might find surprising: Despite her rigorous fitness routine, Carriejune has a sweet tooth and considers dark chocolate a guilt-free indulgence, owing to its health benefits.


She is also a closeted artist, often sketching in her free time, which she considers a form of meditation and creative expression. Interestingly, Carriejune is a dog lover with a furry companion who often makes cameo appearances on social media posts, showcasing her softer, off-duty life.

Her favourite movie is “Rocky” – the underdog story resonates with her journey in the fitness world. Lastly, despite her global fame, Carriejune remains grounded and often participates in community charity runs, believing in giving back to society and promoting fitness as a tool for change. These trivia bits paint a picture of a multifaceted individual enriched with passions that complement her fitness-centric lifestyle.

Who is Misscarriejune? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height and Career

Before Fame

Long before she became the fitness icon known as Misscarriejune, Carriejune Anne Bowlby was just a young girl from New Jersey discovering her passion for physical activity. Her initial foray into fitness was not through social media or the glamour of modelling but rather through the simplicity of childhood play and school sports. Her affinity for movement and competition found outlets in track and field, gymnastics, and cheerleading.

These activities honed her athletic skills and instilled discipline and a love for fitness that would shape her future. During these formative years, Carriejune’s identity as a future fitness model and influencer began to take form. Without the anticipation of fame, her early experiences grounded her in the realities and dedication required in fitness, setting the stage for her later success.

Carriejune’s journey from a sports-enthusiastic child to a fitness mogul underscores the importance of nurturing one’s passions from a young age, laying the foundation for what was to become a flourishing career in the health and wellness industry.

Misscarriejune’s Hobbies

  • Outdoor Adventures: Carriejune Anne Bowlby is an avid fan of the great outdoors. Whether hiking through rugged trails or enjoying a calm day at the beach, she finds solace and rejuvenation in nature. These activities not only complement her fitness regimen but also provide her with a mental break.
  •  Travelling: Exploring new cultures and destinations is another passion of Misscarriejune. She takes every opportunity to travel, believing every journey enriches her life with new experiences and perspectives. Her Instagram is peppered with snapshots from around the globe, showcasing her adventurous spirit.
  •  Cooking and Nutrition: A significant part of her fitness journey, Carriejune enjoys experimenting with healthy recipes. She often shares her culinary creations with her followers, aiming to inspire them with nutritious and tasty meals that support a fit lifestyle.
  •  Reading and Continuous Learning: Always on a quest for knowledge, especially in topics related to fitness, wellness, and personal development, Carriejune spends her downtime engrossed in books and online courses. This hobby underscores her belief in the importance of growth and education.
  •  Photography: Behind the scenes, Misscarriejune has developed a keen interest in photography. Capturing moments from her daily life and travels, she views photography as a creative outlet that complements her fitness career and personal brand.

Misscarriejune’s Favorite Things

  • Workout Gear: Carriejune has a distinct preference for vibrant and comfortable workout attire that enhances her performance and confidence in the gym. She often showcases her favourite brands and styles on social media.
  •  Healthy Snacks: Almonds, Greek yoghurt, and berries top her list of go-to snacks. Carriejune emphasizes the importance of fueling the body with nutritious foods that are satisfying and beneficial for maintaining energy levels throughout her rigorous workout routines.
  •  Music Playlists: Energetic and motivational beats are essential to her workouts. Carriejune enjoys various genres, including hip-hop and electronic dance music (EDM), to keep her pumped and focused during her fitness sessions.
  •  Books on Personal Development: She has an affinity for literature that inspires growth, resilience, and positivity. Her favourites are the titles related to achieving personal goals, mindfulness, and optimizing physical health.
  •  Travel Destinations: Bali and Iceland are her most cherished travel experiences. These locations offer a blend of adventure, natural beauty, and opportunities for relaxation, aligning perfectly with her love for exploring and unwinding in unique settings.
  •  Skincare Products: With a rigorous fitness and outdoor lifestyle, Carriejune prioritizes skincare. She opts for natural and hydrating products that keep her skin glowing and healthy, emphasizing the importance of a good skincare routine amidst active living.

Social Media


Frequently Asked Questions

When was Misscarriejune born?

Misscarriejune was born on February 7, 1996.

What is her real name?

Her real name is Carriejune Anne Bowlby.

How tall is Misscarriejune?

She stands at a height of 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m).

What’s her net worth?

Her net worth is between $100,000 and $500,000.

What does she do for a living?

She is a professional fitness model, trainer, and social media influencer. She also runs a fitness program called Mini Beast.

Is she active on social media?

She maintains a strong presence on various social media platforms where she shares her fitness journey and lifestyle with her followers.


Carriejune Anne Bowlby, affectionately known as Misscarriejune, is a testament to the power of passion and dedication in fitness and wellness. Through her journey from a young athlete to a celebrated fitness model and influencer, she has inspired countless individuals to pursue their health and fitness goals with vigour and determination.

Her story emphasizes the importance of nurturing one’s passions, the value of hard work, and the impact of sharing one’s journey to motivate others. Misscarriejune’s multifaceted approach to fitness, encompassing physical training, nutrition, mental well-being, and continuous learning, showcases her holistic view of health.

As she continues to share her life, achievements, and the lessons she’s learned along the way, Misscarriejune remains a beacon of inspiration. Her success is a clear message that anyone can achieve their fitness and wellness aspirations with the right mindset and support.

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