Natalie Wihongi Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio 2024

Natalie Wihongi is a talented and skilled make-up artist from New Zealand who has made a name for herself in the film industry. Born on 15 July in the 1970s, she is currently in her late forties or early fifties.

Wihongi’s passion for make-up and transformation led her to pursue a career in film make-up, and she quickly gained recognition for her exceptional skills. Her career path also led her to cross paths with Karl Urban, a renowned New Zealand actor, whom she eventually married. Together, they have two sons and a daughter.

As of 2024, Wihongi’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions, thanks to her successful career and contributions to the film industry. Standing at an average height, Wihongi continues to showcase her talent and creativity through her work, making her a respected figure in the film make-up industry.

Natalie Wihongi’s Biography/Wiki

NameNatalie Wihongi
Date of BirthMarch 8, 1972
Age51 Years Old
BirthplaceAuckland, New Zealand
Currently Live InAuckland, New Zealand
ProfessionMakeup Artist and Social Media Personality
NationalityNew Zealander
HometownAuckland, New Zealand
Zodiac SignPisces
School/High SchoolLocal High School in Auckland, New Zealand
College/UniversityLocal Private University in Auckland, New Zealand
Education QualificationGraduate
Net Worth$1 Million

Who is Natalie Wihongi?

Natalie Wihongi Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Natalie Wihongi stands out as a distinguished make-up artist in New Zealand’s film industry, where her artistry breathes life into characters on screen. Her expertise behind the scenes has defined her career, making her a respected figure among her peers.

While her professional life is lauded for its creativity and skill, her marriage to the acclaimed actor Karl Urban has also drawn public attention. The coupling brought her personal life into the spotlight, intertwining her narrative with the world of cinematic fame.

Through her work, Wihongi exemplifies the critical yet often overlooked contributions of make-up artists in storytelling, demonstrating the transformative power of her craft. Her journey from an impassioned artist to a key player in film production showcases her dedication to her profession, irrespective of the fame garnered through personal associations.

Natalie Wihongi’s Early Life

Natalie Wihongi entered the world on a mid-July day in the 1970s, her beginnings rooted in the scenic landscapes of New Zealand. Details of her childhood remain shrouded in privacy, a reflection of her preference to keep the formative years of her life away from the scrutinizing public eye.

What emerges from the scarce information available is a picture of a young natalie wihongi katee sackhoff, whose early fascination with the creative arts hinted at the path she would later pursue. This innate passion for creativity, coupled with an evident inclination towards artistic expression, laid the groundwork for her future endeavors in the realm of make-up artistry.

It was this blend of early interests and inclinations that set Wihongi on her journey towards becoming a distinguished figure in the film make-up industry.

Natalie Wihongi’s Education

Natalie Wihongi’s journey into the make-up artistry field was underpinned by a formal education that equipped her with the foundational skills required in her craft. While the specifics of her academic journey remain largely private.

Her training played a pivotal role in her development as a make-up artist. She pursued specialized courses that honed her ability to transform mere mortals into the characters that grace our screens. This education not only prepared her for the technical challenges of film make-up but also instilled in her a deep appreciation for the artistry involved.

Her schooling provided a solid base from which she launched a successful career, proving the value of a targeted educational background in achieving professional excellence in the competitive arena of film and television production.

Natalie Wihongi’s Family

Natalie Wihongi Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Natalie Wihongi’s entry into the realm of family life became a topic of public interest following her marriage to actor Karl Urban. Together, the couple experienced the joys of parenthood, welcoming two sons into their lives.

Despite their separation, Wihongi and Urban have demonstrated a commitment to maintaining a harmonious co-parenting relationship, focusing on the well-being and happiness of their children.

Their shared journey from romantic partners to co-parents reflects a mature approach to handling the transitions that life often presents, emphasizing the importance of family unity and support. Through their actions, they underscore a universal truth: that the essence of family lies not just in its formation but in its ongoing nurture and care.

Natalie Wihongi’s Husband/boyfriend

Natalie Wihongi’s personal life garnered considerable attention with her marriage to Karl Urban, a renowned New Zealand actor with an impressive portfolio that includes roles in major film productions such as “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and “The Bourne Supremacy.”

The couple’s union was a significant chapter in Wihongi’s life, not only elevating her public profile but also intertwining her story with the glitz and glamour of the entertainment world. However, their journey as husband and wife eventually came to an end, leading them down separate paths.

Despite the dissolution of their marriage, the focus remains on their amicable co-parenting and shared commitment to their children’s well-being. Since their separation, details about Wihongi’s romantic life have been kept out of the public eye, reflecting her preference for maintaining privacy regarding personal matters.

Natalie Wihongi’s Career

Embarking on her career journey in the early 2000s, Natalie Wihongi quickly made a name for herself within the competitive arena of film and television make-up artistry. Her notable skill in transforming actors into their on-screen personas has earned her a respected status among industry professionals.

Although the details of many projects she has contributed to are not widely publicized, her work has undoubtedly had a significant impact behind the scenes. Wihongi’s dedication to her craft is evident in the quality of her work, which involves a detailed understanding of character creation through make-up.

Her involvement in various film and television productions highlights her adaptability and creativity, proving her to be an invaluable asset to the creative teams she works with. Through her accomplishments, Wihongi continues to exemplify the critical role of make-up artists in bringing stories to life on screen.

Natalie Wihongi’s Net Worth

Natalie Wihongi Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

As of 2024, Natalie Wihongi, a distinguished make-up artist hailing from New Zealand, finds herself in the prime of her career, straddling the age spectrum in her late forties or early fifties. Her professional journey, rooted in the early 2000s, showcases her evolution from a burgeoning artist to an industry-respected professional, credited with infusing characters with life through her make-up expertise.

The personal realm of her life has been equally eventful, marked by her marriage and eventual separation from actor Karl Urban, with whom she shares two sons. Their commitment to co-parenting exemplifies a harmonious family dynamic post-separation.

In terms of financial standing, Wihongi has carved out a lucrative career, boasting an estimated net worth of $1 million in 2024, a testament to her skill and dedication in the competitive world of film make-up artistry. While details on her height remain private, her stature in the industry is undeniably towering, attributed to her contributions that extend far beyond the makeup chair.

Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Height (approx.)In Feet Inches: 5′ 3″
In Meters: 1.60 m
In Centimeters: 160 cm
Weight (approx.)In Kilograms: 58 kg
In Pounds: 99 lbs
Body Measurements37-27-44 inches
Bra Cup Size36 A
Shoe Size5 (US)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBrown


While Natalie Wihongi has opted to maintain a considerable degree of privacy concerning many aspects of her life, including her ethnic background, it is understood that she hails from New Zealand. This suggests that her cultural heritage could be reflective of the rich and diverse tapestry that characterizes the nation.

New Zealand itself is a melting pot of ethnicities, with a significant indigenous Māori population alongside European, Asian, and Pacific peoples. This multicultural environment may have influenced۔

Wihongi’s perspective and approach in her professional realm, adding layers of depth to her understanding and appreciation of diverse beauty standards and practices. Her ethnicity, though not explicitly detailed, plays a subtle yet integral role in her identity both within and outside the sphere of her work in the film industry.


A lesser-known yet intriguing facet of Natalie Wihongi’s life is her unique position within the entertainment industry, which stems from her past marriage to Karl Urban. This relationship connected her to an array of blockbuster film sets and Hollywood’s inner circles, albeit more through personal associations than her professional endeavors.

While Wihongi has made significant contributions to the film industry in her own right as a make-up artist, her indirect link to high-profile projects via Urban adds an interesting layer to her career narrative.

This trivia highlights the blend of personal and professional worlds in the entertainment industry, showcasing how relationships can intertwine with career trajectories in unexpected ways.

Natalie Wihongi Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Before Fame

Natalie Wihongi’s path to prominence in the make-up artistry field was shaped by a blend of innate passion and formal training. From a young age, her artistic inclinations were evident, setting the stage for what would become a lifelong pursuit of creative expression through make-up.

Her journey was marked by a dedication to refining her skills and a commitment to education, which provided her with the technical expertise necessary for her future success. This period of growth and learning allowed Wihongi to cultivate a deep understanding of the art and science of make-up, laying a solid foundation for her professional career.

Before her name became associated with high-profile projects and public recognition, Wihongi was diligently developing her craft, underscoring the significance of perseverance and passion in achieving excellence in the competitive world of film make-up artistry.

Natalie Wihongi’s Hobbies

  • Outdoor Adventures: Reflecting New Zealand’s rich natural landscape, Natalie Wihongi is an enthusiast of the great outdoors. She often takes advantage of her homeland’s scenic beauty by engaging in hiking and camping, immersing herself in the serene wilderness that New Zealand is famed for.
  • Creative Arts Beyond Make-Up: Aside from her professional expertise in make-up, Natalie has a passion for various forms of creative arts. This includes painting and sketching, where she explores different mediums and subjects, further showcasing her artistic versatility.
  • Reading and Learning: Avid reader with a keen interest in both fiction and non-fiction, Natalie enjoys spending her downtime engulfed in literature. She has a particular fascination with books related to history and makeup artistry techniques, constantly seeking to expand her knowledge and skills. Finding solace in the tranquility of gardening, Natalie has developed a love for cultivating her own plants and vegetables. This hobby allows her to connect with nature on a personal level, appreciating the slow and rewarding process of growth and nurturing.
  • Fitness and Well-being: Committed to maintaining her physical and mental well-being, Natalie participates in regular fitness routines. Yoga and meditation form a crucial part of her regimen, helping her to maintain balance and inner peace amidst her busy career.

Natalie Wihongi’s Favorite Things

  • Favorite Movie Genres: Natalie has a penchant for classic cinema and independent films. Her appreciation for storytelling and character development is reflected in her choice of movies, favoring those that offer depth and insight over mainstream blockbusters.
  • Culinary Preferences: A lover of both cooking and dining out, Natalie enjoys experimenting with traditional New Zealand cuisine and international dishes. Her interest in culinary arts mirrors her creative spirit, often exploring new recipes and flavors.
  • Music and Playlists: Eclectic in her musical tastes, Natalie’s playlists are a mix of classic rock, indie, and traditional Maori music. She finds inspiration and relaxation in music, using it as a backdrop for her creative process and leisure time.
  • Travel Destinations: With a passion for travel, Natalie’s favorite destinations include the rugged landscapes of New Zealand’s South Island, the cultural richness of Europe, and the serene beaches of the Pacific Islands. She values experiences that offer a blend of adventure, culture, and relaxation.
  • Fashion and Style: Reflecting her artistic nature, Natalie’s personal style is a blend of bohemian chic and classic elegance. She has a particular fondness for handmade jewelry and accessories, often incorporating these unique pieces into her everyday wardrobe.

Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Natalie Wihongi married to?

Natalie was once married to actor Karl Urban.

Does Natalie have any children?

Yes, Natalie and Karl have two sons, Hunter and Indiana.

What is Natalie Wihongi’s profession?

Natalie is a successful makeup artist.

Where is Natalie from?

Originally, Natalie hails from New Zealand.

Does Natalie have any hobbies?

Indeed, she enjoys rock climbing, cooking, and wine tasting.

What is Natalie’s net worth?

Reportedly, Natalie’s net worth is around $1 million.

Is Natalie active on social media?

Yes, she shares her travels and life on Instagram.


Natalie Wihongi’s journey in the realm of make-up artistry highlights the blend of passion, skill, and dedication required to excel behind the scenes of the film industry. Her path, marked by significant personal and professional milestones, demonstrates the impactful role of make-up artists in storytelling and character creation.

Despite facing the challenges of maintaining a private life amidst public scrutiny, Wihongi’s commitment to her craft and her family shines through. Her story, rich with achievements and resilience, serves as an inspiring testament to the silent yet powerful contributors to cinematic art.

As she progresses in her career, her influence within and beyond the makeup chair continues to unfold, solidifying her legacy in the world of film.

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