Signs to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer in Norfolk

Getting injured on the job can be stressful. You may worry about medical care costs, lost income, and consequent financial losses. Following a work injury in Norfolk, you have to take steps to recover workers’ compensation benefits, and the process is not as straightforward as it seems on paper. No matter the circumstances, you should seek help from an attorney specializing in labor and employment law. If you are wondering whether you need legal counsel, read more here about a few signs. 

Your workers’ compensation claim was denied

You must understand that workers’ comp benefits are paid by the insurance company, which works for profit. A significant number of legitimate claims are routinely denied by insurance carriers for one reason or another. If your claim was denied, don’t assume you don’t have options. You can still appeal the denial, for which you must file a Claim Form. That doesn’t cost anything, but if you want help with the form or the subsequent hearing, get a lawyer. 

You have a settlement offer

Claims adjusters often call injured workers and offer a settlement. If you don’t know what the claim is worth or the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to, you may accept whatever they give, especially if you are financially unstable. Let an attorney check the claim and what you can recover before you take the insurance offer. The compensation should be a lot more when you have suffered an injury that is likely to change your career forever. 

You have sustained a permanent injury

If you have suffered injuries that are likely to prevent you from getting to work or when your doctor gives you permanent work restrictions, you may have more reasons to stress about. The insurance company may ask you to go for vocational rehabilitation, which may help you get back to work, but the process is tricky. Get an attorney who oversees the process and takes steps to protect your benefits. 

You have a third-party claim

Besides a workers’ compensation claim, you may have a claim against a third party who is not your employer. In such situations, you can file a separate personal injury lawsuit and recover compensation. Ask an attorney to guide you through the process because, unlike workers’ compensation cases, you will need evidence to prove the other party’s fault. 

Choose an attorney based in Norfolk so that you can meet them in person. 

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