Suicideboys Net Worth, Bio, Lifestyle And Career


Suicideboys, famous for their intense and straightforward music, have gained significant popularity in hip-hop. This article examines Suicideboys net worth, detailing their earnings, careers, and personal lives. 

We explore how they accumulated wealth and what the future may hold for them. Stay tuned to learn more about their journey and what lies ahead.

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Who are Suicideboys?

Suicideboys, also known as $uicideboy$, are a hip-hop duo from New Orleans, Louisiana. The group includes cousins Ruby da Cherry (real name Aristos Petrou) and Scrim (real name Scott Arceneaux Jr.). They began their career in 2014 and gained popularity on SoundCloud. Their music has self-produced dark beats and lyrics that honestly discuss topics such as drug use and mental health.

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Suicideboys Net Worth

Suicideboys Net Worth & Bio

Net Worth$4M
Ruby Net Worth$1.5M
Scrim Net Worth$1M
Ruby BirthApr 22, 1990
Scrim BirthApr 11, 1989
Debut Album2018
Ruby Start7
Scrim StartYouth
Ruby Clean2019
First Project2014
Collab EP2015
Debut AlbumI Want to Die
Founded InNew Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Suicideboys Net Worth

As of 2024, Suicideboys net worth is estimated at around $4 million. Ruby da Cherry has a net worth of approximately $1.5 million, while Scrim has about $1 million. Their main sources of income come from music sales, streaming revenue, and merchandise sales.

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Suicideboys net worth$4 million
Ruby da Cherry net worth$1.5 million
Scrim net worth$1 million
Income Sourcesselling music, streaming earnings, and selling merchandise


Early Life

Ruby da Cherry was born on April 22, 1990, in New Orleans, and he started his music journey at a young age. He began playing the violin at seven and the drums at ten. Scrim, born on April 11, 1989, also from New Orleans, started DJing when he was young. Growing up together, both cousins had a close relationship that shaped their careers in music.


There isn’t much information about their formal schooling, but it’s clear that both Ruby and Scrim developed a passion for music at a young age. Their early involvement in music played a crucial role in shaping their future careers.


Suicideboys released their first project, “Kill Yourself Part I: The $uicide $aga,” in 2014. They gained attention by collaborating with South Florida rapper Pouya on the EP “$outh $ide $uicide” in 2015. Their debut album, “I Want to Die in New Orleans,” was released in 2018 and increased their popularity in the hip-hop scene. Since then, they have continued to release numerous projects and maintain a large fan base.

Suicideboys Net Worth

Personal Life

Ruby da Cherry and Scrim have been honest about the difficulties they’ve faced in life. This includes Scrim’s battle with drug addiction, which he has been free from since 2019. Their personal experiences strongly influence their music, connecting them with fans who share similar challenges. Their openness has helped them build a loyal fanbase that deeply connects with their music and its message.


Suicideboys value their independence greatly. They manage their own record label, G*59 Records, which gives them control over their creative direction and lets them connect directly with fans. They engage actively on social media, interacting with followers and sharing their music.

Future Plans

In the future, Suicideboys plans to continue breaking new ground in the music industry. They aim to grow their fanbase and explore new business opportunities that could boost their influence and financial success. Their dedication to hard work and creative thinking indicates a bright future ahead.



Suicideboys have carved out a unique position in hip-hop by following their own path and putting in a lot of effort. They have a strong and growing fan base. Their influence and wealth, known as Suicideboys Net Worth, are expected to increase further in the future. Their journey from relatively unknown artists to significant figures in hip-hop demonstrates their talent and strong determination.


How much money do Suicideboys have in 2024? 

As of 2024, Suicideboys net worth is estimated to have around $4 million.

How much is Ruby da Cherry worth? 

Ruby da Cherry has about $1.5 million.

What is Scrim’s net worth? 

Scrim’s net worth is around $1 million.

How do Suicideboys earn money? 

Suicideboys mainly make money from selling their music, earning from streaming services, and selling merchandise.

What is Suicideboys net worth?

Together, Suicideboys have a combined net worth of approximately $4 million.

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