Carrie Schenken Age, Career, Husband, Net Worth, Bio 2024

At age 65, Carrie Schenken has made a name for herself as a skilled camera operator in the entertainment business. She is best known for her friendship with Amanda Bearse, an actor who became famous on the hit sitcom “Married with Children.”

Schenken was born in Florida, USA, on April 24, 1958. She has kept her personal life quiet, and not much is known about her parents or brothers. She is a native of the United States and a Christian. Schenken is Caucasian, so no one knows what her horoscope sign is yet.

Her city is where she finished school, and she may have gone on to college or university. As 2024 starts, people want to know more about Schenken’s job, husband, and wealth. Keep reading to find out more about this interesting and skilled woman.

Carrie Schenken’s Biography/Wiki

NameCarrie Schenken
Age65 years old (as of 2024)
ProfessionTalented camera technician
RelationshipKnown for her relationship with actor Amanda Bearse
Date of BirthApril 24, 1958
Place of BirthFlorida, USA
Zodiac SignUnknown
EducationCompleted schooling in hometown; may have pursued higher education at a university
Personal LifeKeeps personal life private; not much known about parents or siblings
CareerEstablished career as a talented camera technician
Net Worth$50 million

Who is Carrie Schenken?

Carrie Schenken Age, Career, Husband, Net Worth, Bio 2024

In the entertainment business, Carrie Schenken is mostly known for her relationship with Amanda Bearse. Still, her work as a camera technician shows how she made a big but often unnoticed addition to movies.

Her journey into the technical side of film is marked by a mix of artistic sense and being born on April 24, 1958, in Florida, the “sunshine state.” People are interested in Schenken’s personal life, especially her long-term friendship with Bearse. But her career is still based on her skills behind the camera.

This balance between her private and public selves shows that she is still dedicated to her work and the subtleties of visual storytelling, even though her partner’s fame brings her into the public eye.

Carrie Schenken’s Early Life

Carrie Schenken was born and raised in Florida, a state with beautiful scenery. She had a quiet youth that not many people know about. This time in her life, filled with the everyday but important things that come with growing up in Florida, shaped her into the person she would become.

Schenken was taught early on the importance of privacy and having a strong sense of who she is. These are traits that have stayed with her throughout her life and work.

Specifics about Schenken’s family life, schooling, and early interests are kept secret. This shows that she doesn’t want people to be interested in her personal past. This time, which was both important and quiet, shows a mix of technical skill and artistic sense that would later shape her career path.

Carrie Schenken’s Education

Carrie Schenken built the educational foundations that would later support her technical job in the movie business when she was younger. Schenken is thought to have continued her education at a university level after finishing high school at a local school in her Florida town.

The details of her major have not been made public, but it is clear that her education gave her a mix of theoretical and practical skills. Most likely, this education set her up for the challenges and complexities of a job as a camera technician.

Like many other parts of her life, Schenken keeps the details of her academic pursuits a secret. This is typical of how private she is about her personal past in general.

Carrie Schenken’s Family

Carrie Schenken Age, Career, Husband, Net Worth, Bio 2024

Details about Carrie Schenken’s family life, like who her parents are and what they do for a living, are still kept secret. This shows how much she wants to keep her private life separate from her public life.

What is known about her is that she was born and raised in the United States, is an American citizen, a Christian, and of Caucasian descent.

Beyond these broad points, Schenken has decided not to give out any more information about her family. This is because she wants to keep her private life separate from the public’s interest. This choice shows that she values her privacy and the privacy of her family.

Carrie Schenken’s Husband/boyfriend

People became interested in Carrie Schenken’s love life when she started dating Amanda Bearse, an actor known for her part on the TV show “Married with Children.” After getting married in a small wedding in 2010, Schenken and Bearse have been very close.

The day they got married was a big deal in both their personal lives and the public’s view of LGBTQ+ couples. Because Bearse’s work is so well known, the couple has kept their relationship pretty private, only giving the public limited information about it.

This way of handling their personal life together shows that they both value private and want to keep their relationship safe from the prying eyes of the media.

Carrie Schenken’s Career

Through her work as a camera technician, Carrie Schenken has made important advances to the world of movies. Her work, which requires close attention to detail and a deep understanding of how visual stories work, is important to making a director’s vision into a reality that people can enjoy on screen.

The public doesn’t know much about the specific projects she’s worked on, but her contribution to the field is very important. Behind the scenes work by pros like Schenken makes sure that every frame, scene, and sequence meets the highest standards of production quality.

Even though her work isn’t as well known as that of actors and actresses, it is the backbone of film and TV production and shows how important technical skill is in making compelling visual stories.

Carrie Schenken’s Net Worth

Carrie Schenken Age, Career, Husband, Net Worth, Bio 2024

Carrie Schenken’s wealth, which isn’t made public in exact numbers, shows how long she’s been working in the technical side of the entertainment business. Schenken has definitely made a steady income as a camera technician, a job that requires a lot of skill and hard work.

The job, which is known for being important behind the scenes in making movies and TV shows, can help you live a safe life financially. Even though no one knows for sure how much Schenken is worth, it seems likely that her work in the field has paid off financially, keeping up with her experience and skill.

The fact that specific financial information is missing shows that she wants to keep personal information, including her financial situation, private.

Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Body MeasurementsNot disclosed
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorGrey
Wife’s Height5 feet 4 inches
Wife’s Weight60 kg
Wife’s Measurements37 inches (breast), 25 inches (waist), 37 inches (hips)


It’s a reminder of the different backgrounds of the people who work hard to make the stories we see on TV and movies, and it stresses how important it is to recognize and value the many points of view that come together in making movies and TV shows.

Schenken’s background, American citizenship, and Christian faith show how the entertainment business is made up of a lot of different identities.


Even though Carrie Schenken is friends with Amanda Bearse, she has her own interesting but less well-known parts of her life that paint a picture of someone who values her space in the busy world of entertainment.

The fact that she chooses to keep her personal life private makes people naturally curious, which led to trivia that friends and followers put together from her few public appearances and shared bits.

She has a lot of experiences and stories that are mostly unknown because of this interest. It shows that there is more to her than her job and her personal relationships. Being out in public without drawing attention to herself has produced an air of mystery, making every small detail or shared moment a part of a bigger story that hasn’t been told yet.

Carrie Schenken Age, Career, Husband, Net Worth, Bio 2024

Before Fame

Along with Amanda Bearse, Carrie Schenken worked hard to improve her technical skills and build a job behind the camera long before she became famous for it. She spent her childhood in Florida and was always very interested in the details of visual stories.

Because of this interest, she went to school to build the skills she would need to become a camera expert. Schenken started on a path that would make her an important part of the film and TV business, away from the glitz and glamor that most people think of when they think of Hollywood.

She has a lot of experience behind the camera in her work life, which shows how dedicated she was to her job long before her personal life became public.

Carrie Schenken’s Hobbies

  • Photographer: Carrie finds comfort and joy in catching the beauty of everyday life through her lens, away from the professional cameras and sets. Her love of photography lets her see things from different angles and capture times that are important to her.
  • Adventures in the woods: Carrie is known to love the great outdoors very much. She loves being in nature, whether she’s climbing on difficult trails, kayaking in calm waters, or having a quiet picnic in a beautiful place.
  • Carrie takes good care of her yard with a gentle touch and a green thumb. She finds peace in her hobby and feels connected to nature as she cares for different plants and flowers that grow well under her watchful eye.
  • Do It Yourself Projects: Carrie likes to do things around the house herself because she is naturally artistic. Making beautiful and useful things with her hands gives her joy, whether she’s making unique home decor or finding new uses for old furniture.
  • Reading: Carrie reads a lot and finds peace in a good book of words. Her interests cover a wide range of genres, giving her a way to escape into other places and learn about different points of view.

Carrie Schenken’s Favorite Things

  • Watching movies and TV shows: Carrie really enjoys old movies and well-reviewed TV shows. She likes movies that have both great stories and innovative photography, which is in line with what she does for a living.
  • Listening to music: Carrie likes a lot of different kinds of music, from old rock to new pop bands. When she’s on set or in the editing room for long hours, music is often there with her.
  • Food: Carrie likes to cook and eat out, and her taste buds are always up for a new experience. She really likes Mediterranean food, which focuses on using fresh ingredients and bright tastes.
  • Travel Destinations: Carrie loves to learn about new cultures, so her favorite places to visit are the rough landscapes of New Zealand and the old towns of Europe. Every trip is a chance to take pictures and have fun in the outdoors.
  • Literature: Because Carrie likes to read, she is drawn to books that are about complicated people and their experiences. The books that she really likes are those by Margaret Atwood and Gabriel García Márquez.
  • Tech tools: Since Carrie works as a camera technician, it’s no surprise that she’s interested in new technology, especially gadgets that help her take pictures and make videos.
  • Autumn is Carrie’s best season because of the cooler weather, changing leaves, and clear feeling of change. She gets creative and personal ideas during this time of year.
Carrie Schenken Age, Career, Husband, Net Worth, Bio 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Amanda Bearse do?

She is an actor who has been in a number of movies and TV shows. In the early 1980s, Bearse’s playing career took off. By 1982, she had a part on the popular daytime soap opera All My Children.

What kind of kids do Carrie Schenken and Amanda Bearse have?

After adopting Zoe in 1993, they are still taking care of their daughter. They adopted another child, whose name was not given, soon after they got married.

What person did Amanda Bearse marry?

Carrie Schenken is Amanda Bearse’s wife. She is a businesswoman from Florida. They met at work, where they both did similar jobs in the entertainment business. The wedding for Carrie Schenken took place in 2010.

Amanda Bearse shot Fright Night when she was how old was she?

Bearse was 27 years old when she played Amy Peterson, Charlie’s girlfriend, in the 1985 American magical horror film. William and Amanda played teens, but they were actually a lot older than their roles.

Where did Amanda Bearse go?

After Married… with Children finished, Bearse didn’t seem to be on TV anymore. During the sixth season of the show, she started making plans to move from playing to working behind the camera. She has been a director for thirty years.

What age is Carrie Schenken?

She was born on April 24, 1958, and will be 65 years old in 2023. While the photographer is American, she is of Caucasian descent.


When you think about Carrie Schenken’s life and work, it’s clear that she is a one-of-a-kind mix of ability, dedication, and privacy in a field that is usually known for being public. Schenken shows how important people who work behind the scenes to make stories come to life are by her work as a camera expert and her love of many hobbies.

Her friendship with Amanda Bearse has also shown the personal side of people who work in the entertainment business by showing how they can support and love each other. Carrie has chosen to keep a lot of her life private, but what she has shared shows that she is a deep, creative, and strong person.

We are excited to see what the future holds for Carrie Schenken. We know she will continue to improve her skill and fight for privacy and authenticity in a world that is becoming more public. Her story is a good reminder of how important it is to stay on track, value personal relationships, and fully commit to following your interests.

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