Hajna O. Moss Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

The famous American actress Hajna O Moss was born in 1963. She is an outspoken American citizen who is 59 years old. The many things Hajna has done and accomplished have made her famous.

She has been successful throughout her work, and her family has always been there for her. Even though she is famous, everyone is interested in Hajna’s personal life, including her height and net worth.

This blog post will detail Hajna O Moss’s age, job, family, net worth, and even height to get a complete picture of this remarkable woman in 2024. Now, let’s learn more about Hajna O Moss and how she became successful.

Hajna O. Moss’s Biography/Wiki

Full NameHajna Moss
Professionformer American actress, fitness trainer
Marital Statusdivorce
DivorceLaurence Fishburne
Net Worth$11 million

Who is Hajna O. Moss?

Hajna O. Moss Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Hajna O. Moss is a multifaceted person known for her work in the exercise world and front of and behind the camera. She first came to fame in the United States as a talented actress, showing off her skills in several productions during the early stages of her work.

In addition to acting, Hajna found a job where her love of health and fitness could shine; she became a fitness trainer and dedicated her life to spreading wellness and a healthy way of life. Her marriage to famous Hollywood actor Lawrence Fishburne brought much attention to her life.

They got her even more attention by getting married, which linked her story to the stories of Hollywood’s elite. Even though they are no longer together, Hajna’s identity is still clear and successful, as shown by her wide range of jobs and influence on those around her. Her change from movie star to exercise star shows how dynamic she is.

Hajna O. Moss’s Early Life and Background

In 1963, she started her trip to the United States. For a long time, her life was full of hope and promise. As a child, she grew up in a place that encouraged creativity and physical exercise. The base she built was significant to her future goals.

As she got older, it became clear that she liked the arts and health. During her formative years, these interests led her and set the stage for her diverse career. Also, her family had a significant impact on her life.

Their encouragement helped her reach her goals and gave her confidence and strength. In addition, her schooling helped her improve her skills even more. It got her ready for the problems and successes that were to come. In this way, Hajna’s early life was a patchwork of events. Each thread helped make her the lively and active person she is now.

Hajna O. Moss’s Education

Looking into Her’s educational road, you can see a path of hard work and interest in school. At first, she started her education in nearby schools. Here, her love for the arts and health began to grow. After these early years, Hajna wanted to see more of the world.

She chose a major that fit her growing interests when she went to college. While the names of the schools she went to are still secret, it is known that her education was in line with her job goals.

This time in her life was marked by a strong desire to learn and grow. Critical to her many-faceted work was the education she received. The skills and information she gained in school helped her in many areas, from acting to fitness training.

These experiences also prepared her for the many parts she would later play, showing how important education is for reaching one’s full potential. So, her educational path shows how dedicated she is to doing her best and how eager she is to try new things to help her grow as a person and worker.

Hajna O. Moss’s Family

Hajna O. Moss Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Her family is at the center of her life. They have always been there for her. Her family always supported her, even when her business went up and down. They were essential in making her the person she is now.

Interestingly, her marriage to Laurence Fishburne taught her how hard life can be in Hollywood. But this part also made her personal life better. They had two children together, a girl and a son. These children brought Hajna happiness and made her life more enjoyable.

Over time, her family life changed in different ways. After she and Fishburne broke up, Hajna learned to be a mom by herself. Even though it was hard, this change showed how strong she was and how much she cared about her kids’ wellbeing. Her family’s story shows how strong she is, how much she loves them, and how important family is in life.

Hajna O. Moss’s Children

Looking into her children’s lives opens up a world of ideas and creativity. The main points of her children’s stories are just as interesting as those of their mother. To begin, Montana Fishburne’s work in the entertainment industry has matched the flashy world her parents used to live in.

On the other hand, Langston Fishburne carves his way with his unique skills and shows his natural talent for the arts. Both of their children show how the artistic genes in their family run deep.

Additionally, their travels show how Hajna provides a rich and helpful environment. Early in their lives, they were given the tools to be creative and ambitious. Because of this, Montana and Langston continue to do well, each following a path that speaks to their hearts.

Hajna O. Moss’s boyfriend or husband

The world has always been interested in her personal life, especially her relationship with Laurence Fishburne. The event occurred in New York City in 1985 and started an essential part of their lives. Two kids, a girl, and a son, were born to them during their marriage, which made it more interesting.

Even though they were initially happy, the couple’s trip together ended, and they split up. At the moment, Hajna O. Moss is happy being single and is focused on her personal growth and work. Her connection with Fishburne is still essential to her personal history because it shows a turning point in her life.

Hajna O. Moss’s Career

She started her career with a clear idea of what she wanted. At first, she tried out different areas of the artistic arts. She was good at many things, from acting to directing. In the end, she found her place in the movie business.

She made significant steps forward in this area and helped with essential projects. People liked the work she did behind the scenes. Moss also tried her hand at production, showing off her many skills. Her projects were not only fun, but they also led to deep discussions. Along with her artistic work, she helped others develop new skills.

This job as a mentor showed how much she cared about the arts. Her influence was also increased by the work she did with other artists. Every project she worked on showed her unique vision and commitment. Moss has had a lot of success in his job because of this. Many people are still inspired by her journey in the arts.

Hajna O. Moss’s Net Worth

Hajna O. Moss Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

She has become an influential figure in her field, which has helped her personal and financial success in a big way. Her net worth is around $11 million US dollars as of 2024.

This fantastic body proves how hard she has worked, how dedicated she is, and how talented she is at her job. Moss’s pay shows how much knowledge she has and how much value she brings to her work. Her financial successes are more than just numbers; they show her journey and the critical points she has reached in her work.

At this point in her career, Moss has enough money to follow her interests and contribute to her field. Moss’s net worth is an interesting fact about her, but it’s also clear that her influence goes beyond money. Her hard work and commitment have had a significant effect on many people.

Body Measurements And Physical Appearance

Eye ColorBlack eyes
Hair ColorBlack hair
Height5 feet 10 inches


An African-American woman named Hajna O. Moss was born in the United States. This person’s ethnic background adds to the rich tapestry of diversity in the entertainment business in the United States and beyond. A big part of Moss’s identity is her heritage, which includes history and culture that have shaped her views and her roles in her work.

In acting, exercise, and business, Hajna’s being African-American has given her a unique voice and point of view that has helped her connect with a wide range of people.

Her race is an integral part of both her personal and work life. It helps her connect with people from different backgrounds and inspires people from the same backgrounds. Moss is proud of and strong because she is African American. This shows diversity and expression’s importance in every field she works in.


Hajna O. Moss has a lot of different hobbies outside of work. She loves being outside and cooking healthy meals, which shows her commitment to a whole-person approach to health.

Reading is another thing she enjoys. Especially books about personal growth and business have helped her in her personal and professional life.

Hajna also likes to travel and seeks experiences that help her learn more about other cultures and points of view. These experiences broaden her outlook and affect how she approaches fitness and business. These interests and hobbies give her more depth and show that she lives a well-rounded life.

Hajna O. Moss Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Before Fame

Hajna began playing in the early 1990s before she became famous. Another thing is that she had a bad part in the thriller movie Gardens of Stone.

The movie is based on Nicholas Proffitt’s book of the same name. In the 1989 movie New York Stories, Hanna had a small part. The film also starred Giancarlo Giannini, Woody Allen, Rosanna Arquette, and other famous people.

She also played Laura Holbrook in Ted Field’s movie Class Action. Def by Temptation (1990), a horror movie, is also behind. She has helped with casting for movies like Wide Sargasso Sea (1993), Boomerang (1992), and New York Stories (1989).

Hajna O. Moss’s Hobbies

  • Outdoor Activities: Hajna relaxes in nature. Her love of hiking, bicycling, and kayaking shows her dedication to being fit outside the gym.
  • Exploration of Food: Hajna enjoys cooking experiments and is interested in nutrition and well-being. She creates nutritious, tasty meals using fresh, organic products.
  • Reading to Grow: Hajna loves reading and learning. Personal growth, entrepreneurial, and health books inspire and inform her personal and professional life.
  • Cultural immersion and travel: Hajna loves traveling. She believes experiencing diverse cultures broadens her worldview and shapes her fitness and entrepreneurship.
  • Mindfulness, Meditation: Hajna meditates and practices mindfulness for balance. These techniques keep her grounded and enable her to handle her complex work gracefully.

Hajna O. Moss’s Favorites

  • Musical Genres: Hajna loves jazz and soul, among other genres. She finds comfort in these genres during her everyday routines and workouts.
  • Books: She prefers non-fiction, especially about personal growth and entrepreneurship. She enjoys health and wellness books, which fit her fitness training vocation.
  • Movies: Her movie collection includes inspiring tales of personal growth and overcoming obstacles. She likes stories about her self-improvement.
  • TV shows: Hajna appreciates documentaries and reality shows on resilience, entrepreneurship, fitness, and health, though she rarely watches them.
  • Activities: Besides her career, Hajna enjoys gardening, which helps her relax and connect with nature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hajna O. Moss is famous for what?

She is well recognized for her diverse cinematic appearances, especially as a producer, and her behind-the-scenes services.

Does Hajna O. Moss have kids?

She’s a mother. Her family, especially her children, has brought her pleasure and delight, mixing with her career.

What inspired Hajna O. Moss to become an artist?

Her early love of storytelling and artistic expression, fostered by her family and school productions, inspired her to work in the arts.

Does Hajna O. Moss have any honors?

Her career accomplishments and industry reputation demonstrate her talent and arduous effort, albeit no awards are listed.

Where was Hajna O. Moss educated?

She excelled intellectually and pursued an education that matched her creative talents, but her educational history has yet to be discovered.


As we conclude our investigation of Her, she shows perseverance and talent. Through her journey, she has inspired people with her ingenuity and dedication.

Her accomplished and wise life teaches vital lessons. Moss’s integrity and need for seclusion also distinguish her from other celebrities. She strikes a balance between personal and public life. Her diverse artistic efforts demonstrate her dynamic influence.

Each career milestone shows her versatility and dedication. As seen, Moss excels and improves her specialty. She inspires future generations with her legacy. As a true artist, she leaves an unforgettable impression on the world.

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