John Cerasani Net Worth, Age, Height And Family

Who is John Cerasani?

John Cerasani is skilled at many things. He started a company called Glencrest Global and led it as the managing partner. He also helps make decisions as a board member at Quickest Solutions. John Cerasani net worth is estimated to be around $12 million.

But what makes him famous is his podcast, 2000 Percent Raise. On the show, he talks about how to be successful and interviews interesting people.

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Cerasani is also a writer. He wrote a book with the same name as his podcast, which probably talks more about what he discusses on the show.

John Cerasani is well-known in business, investing, writing, and digital media. He inspires many people around the world.

This article will discuss John Cerasani’s net worth, age, bio, family, etc.

John Cerasani Early Life & Parents

John Cerasani grew up in Chicago with his family. His dad is Tom M. Cerasani, his mom is Joan Cerasani, and he has a brother named Thomas A. Cerasani.

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John Cerasani Net Worth

John loved playing football during his childhood. He started playing in school and liked it. Playing football made him happy and taught him to work together, be disciplined, and never give up.

MotherJoan Cerasani
FatherTom M. Cerasani
BrotherThomas A. Cerasani
Marital StatusMarried

John Cerasani Net Worth Age & Bio

John Cerasani will be 38 in 2024. He was born in Chicago around 1985. Though his birthday isn’t known, people generally agree on where he was born and his age.

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NameJohn Cerasani
Birth Year1985
Net Worth$12 Million

John Cerasani Business Career

John Cerasani has had a successful career as an entrepreneur, businessman, author, investor, podcast host, managing partner, and board partner.

He started selling things to other companies and became good at it. Then, he took a big step and started his own insurance company, Northwest Comprehensive, which did well.

After that, he continued to advance in his career and became the Senior Vice President at Risk Strategies Company.

But John didn’t stop there. He wanted to do his own thing, so he started Quickest Solutions.

Then, he founded Glencrest Global, where he was the boss. This was more than just a business for him; it was a way for him to share his cool ideas and intelligent thinking.

John Cerasani’s career proves that hard work, not being afraid to take chances, and going after your dreams can pay off.

His Books

John Cerasani wrote two books: “2000 Percent Raise” and “Paid Training: Learn the Industry, Leave Your Job, Win on Your Own.”

John Cerasani as Podcast Host

John Cerasani has a podcast called “2000 Percent Raise.” On the show, he discusses how to succeed in your career.

He interviews people and discusses different ways to be successful at work. His podcast is helpful for anyone who wants to improve in their job and move up.

By sharing what he knows and has been through, he helps people feel more confident about going after what they want.

“2000 Percent Raise” provides practical tips and motivation, and it’s great for anyone who wants to do well at work and advance in their career.

John Cerasani Net Worth

John Cerasani in Below Deck

John Cerasani, a businessman from Chicago, was on episodes 5 and 6 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 with his family and friends.

During their trip, John’s son accidentally used the eFoil in the water and bumped into their friend TJ. TJ got hurt and had to go to the hospital.

Luckily, TJ got better. The accident made things a bit tense for a while, but eventually, everyone returned to having fun.

Despite some ups and downs, the trip ended on a good note.

John and his guests left a big tip of $23,000 for the crew, which made everyone happy.

Alex, one of the crew members, felt thankful for the generous tip. He said it helped make things less stressful on the boat.

John Cerasani Wife and Children

John Cerasani is married to Natalia Miller, an insurance broker. They have two children, Anastasia and Jacob.

Natalia’s job in insurance might be related to John’s work in the same field. As a family, they go through good times and bad together, supporting each other all the way.

They value spending time together as a family and always make sure everyone feels loved and cared for. Their story shows how important love, support, and being together are in creating a happy life.

The Cerasani-Miller family’s journey shows how strong their relationship is and how much joy they find in building a life together.

Marital StatusMarried
WifeNatalia Miller

John Cerasani Net Worth

John Cerasani is estimated to have a net worth of $12 million as of 2024.

He earns money from many different sources, showing how good he is at many things.

As an entrepreneur, he probably makes money from his company, Glencrest Global.

Also, being a businessman and investor helps him make even more money.

He’s written books like “2000 Percent Raise” and “Paid Training: Learn the Industry, Leave Your Job, Win on Your Own,” which adds to his wealth.

Hosting a podcast also brings in money through sponsors and ads.

John’s business skills and different careers have helped him make a lot of money through smart investments and successful projects.

He’s also pretty active on social media, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, where he shares videos about business.

Net Worth$12 Million
Income SourcesBusinessman, Investor, Podcast
John Cerasani Net Worth


John Cerasani’s story teaches us some important lessons. It shows that if we keep trying and doing what we love, we can have unique experiences. We should stay focused on our goals and never give up, even when things get tough. And it’s also essential to have fun and enjoy the journey. So, here’s to being ready for whatever comes next, even if it’s hard. Let’s face challenges with courage and optimism, knowing we’ll learn and grow from them. 

Every new adventure brings opportunities to discover more about ourselves and our world. And even when things don’t go as planned, we can still find joy in the journey. So, let’s embrace the future with open arms and a positive attitude. We can turn any challenge into a great adventure with determination, passion, and a good sense of humor.

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