Keaton Hoskins Net Worth, Age, Height, Wife And Career

Keaton Hoskins is 37 years old and does a lot of cool stuff. He’s into business and TV and started a company with his friends. They call themselves the Diesel Brothers. He’s married to Madi Hoskins, and they’re happy together. They have kids, too. Keaton Hoskins’ net worth is around $5 million. 

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So, we’ll talk about Keaton Hoskins’ age, bio, family, career, etc.

Who is Keaton Hoskins?

Meet Keaton Hoskins, a guy with lots of talents. People know him as an entrepreneur, writer, fitness coach, diesel engine expert, speaker, and TV star.

They even call him “the muscles” because he’s strong and fit. Keaton is great at spotting opportunities and making them work.

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He’s done everything, from writing books to fixing diesel engines. As a fitness coach, he’s helped many people get healthier and fitter.

Keaton has an amazing way of talking that gets everyone listening. He tells stories that inspire and motivate people.

You might have seen him on TV, especially on Diesel Brothers. People love him there, too, and because of this, he’s like a celebrity.

Keaton Hoskins Net Worth

Keaton Hoskins Childhood

Keaton Hoskins grew up in Kaysville, Utah, USA, with his little sister, Chani Hoskins. He was the oldest in the family. When his dad passed away in 2008, his mom, Bernice Hoskins, looked after them.

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He follows the Christian religion. He holds American nationality. He’s Caucasian, too.

Keaton Hoskins Net Worth, Age & Bio

NameKeaton Hoskins
Age37 Years Old
Date of BirthSeptember 5, 1986
Birth PlaceKaysville, Utah, United States
Net Worth$5 Million
Marital StatusMarried
Height5 Feet and 8 Inches
Weight90 Kg

Keaton Hoskins Education

After finishing high school at Davis High School, Keaton Hoskins kept studying at the same place for college.

Sticking with his high school for college might have helped him. He probably knew the place and people, making it easier for him to continue his education.

It shows he’s loyal to his hometown and wants to build on what he learned in high school.

We are still determining exactly how far he went with his education, but it’s clear that his skills and experiences have made him who he is today as The Muscle Hoskins.

Keaton Hoskins Career

Starting: Keaton kicked off his career in the fitness world, starting with owning and running gyms.

Fitnd Health: In 2017, he turned his gym business into Fitnd Health, focusing on overall health and fitness.

Fitcon: Keaton also created Fitcon, which holds events and workshops to promote fitness.

1 Mission Nutrition: He got into selling health supplements with 1 Mission Nutrition, offering quality products for fitness goals.

Mana Health: Keaton saw the need for better healthcare and opened Mana Health, a clinic providing personalized services.

Limitless Society: He then started Limitless Society, coaching people to succeed in business and life.

Dirty Dough: Keaton launched Dirty Dough, a doughnut company blending his love for treats with entrepreneurship.

Diesel Brothers: His fame soared with appearances on Diesel Brothers, a popular TV show.

Keaton Hoskins Net Worth

Social Media Accounts

Keaton Hoskins is popular on the internet. He has millions of followers on Instagram and a lot of followers on Facebook. His YouTube channel, which he started on October 22, 2022, has also gained many followers. He shares lots of videos on his channel. Because he’s so popular on these platforms, it shows that many people like him and enjoy his content.


Keaton Hoskins Wife

Keaton Hoskins is married to Madi Hoskins now. But before Madi, he was married to Miami Reeder. Before that, he was with his longtime girlfriend, Jenny Hoskins.

These relationships are like different parts of Keaton’s life story. They all helped him grow and learn new things.

Now, being married to Madi is a new start for Keaton. It’s a new phase where he has a partner with whom he can share his life.


Keaton Hoskins is proud to be a dad to five daughters from different relationships.

With his first wife, Miami, Keaton has two daughters, Tea Hoskins and Cali Hoskins.

These girls mean a lot to Keaton. They bring him happiness and make his life complete.

Keaton loves being a dad. He probably treasures the special connection he has with each of his daughters. He cares for them and helps them as they grow up, always showing them love and support.

Keaton Hoskins Children
Marital StatusMarried
WifeMadi Hoskins

Keaton Hoskins Net Worth

As of 2024, Keaton Hoskins is believed to be worth about $5 million.

He earns most of his money as an entrepreneur, writer, fitness coach, and TV star.

Keaton lives a fancy life in a lovely house with his family.

He even owns a helicopter, which he films and puts on his YouTube channel.

Net Worth$5 million
Income SourcesEntrepreneur, Writer, Fitness Coach, and TV Star.


This article shows Keaton Hoskins net worth, age, bio and who he is.  Keaton Hoskins is  an entrepreneur, writer, fitness coach, diesel engine expert, speaker, and TV star. Keaton Hoskins net worth is around $5 million. He started his career in the fitness world, starting with owning and running gyms. Keaton Hoskins is married to Madi Hoskins. He has five daughters.

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