Aidan Maxwell Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio 2024

At just 12 years old, Aidan Maxwell is already living a life of fame and luxury as the eldest son of rapper Fetty Wap.

The American kid is popular for appearing on her mother’s social media posts, giving fans a glimpse into her life as a celebrity child. Aydin was born in Los Angeles, California on April 30, 2011, the son of Fetty Wap and Ariel Reese and has an aunt named Divinity Maxwell.

She also has six half-siblings from different mothers, including Aaliyah, who was born prematurely in 2018. As Aydin grew up, he continued to be involved in his father’s music career and took advantage of his family background.

Although his net worth is unknown, it is certain that Aydin has a bright future and will definitely make a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Keep an eye on this rising star’s development and success in the coming years.

Aydin Maxwell’s Biography/Wiki

Full NameAydin Maxwell
Date of BirthApril 30, 2011
Age12 years old (as of 2023)
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California
Parents– Father: Fetty Wap
– Mother: Ariel Reese
Siblings– Six half-siblings from different mothers
including Alaiya
Family– Aunt: Divinity Maxwell
Net Worthbetween $1 Million – $5 Million

Who is Aydin Maxwell?

Aidan Maxwell Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio 2024

Aidan Maxwell is the eldest son of famous American rapper Fetty Wap whose real name is Willie Maxwell and social media celebrity Ariel Reese. Aydin’s birth into a family with deep ties to the music and entertainment industry naturally sparked interest in him from a very young age.

Aside from his identity as a celebrity kid, Aydin is slowly making his way into the social media arena, often featuring in his mom’s Instagram posts.

Her life, shared through snippets on social media, reflects the unique experiences and opportunities that come with being part of a famous family. Despite his young age, Aydin’s personality and interests are beginning to shine through, hinting at the possible paths he may choose in the future.

With diverse experiences rooted in the music industry and a supportive family background, Aydin Maxwell is more than just a child of a celebrity. He represents a new generation ready to make an impact, whether they follow in the footsteps of their famous relatives or forge their own path.

Aydin Maxwell’s Early Life

Growing up in Los Angeles, California, Aydin Maxwell was thrust into the spotlight at an early age thanks to her father’s skyrocketing career in the music industry.

Born into a family where fame and music were part of everyday life, Aydin’s upbringing was far from ordinary. His early childhood was marked by the sound of his father’s hit tracks and the flash of cameras, setting the stage for a life addicted to public attention.

Despite the glamor that surrounds them, Aydin’s family makes sure that she experiences normalcy away from the media eye. His birthday celebrations and milestones often dominate social media, showing a boy growing up with joy and love, surrounded by his family, including his six half-siblings.

These early years have been instrumental in shaping Aydin’s personality, making him adept at dealing with life’s complexities, while maintaining the values instilled in him by his parents. Aidan’s early life story is proof that his upbringing was deeply embedded in the culture of music and fame that prepared him for whatever path he might take in the future.

Aydin Maxwell’s Education

Aydin Maxwell, at his young age, is in the early stages of his educational journey. As the son of a famous rapper and a social media personality, Aydin’s educational path was considered to balance his unique lifestyle with the need for a strong academic foundation.

Although specific details regarding his school or curriculum remain private, it is believed that Aydin’s education is designed to promote both his academic progress and his personal interests. The importance of education is emphasized in his family, ensuring that Aydin, despite exposure to fame and the entertainment industry, acquires the necessary knowledge and skills.

This approach supports their holistic development, preparing them for future endeavors, whether within or outside the entertainment sector. The educational choices chosen for Aydin reflect a desire to provide him with a normal childhood experience, allowing him to explore a variety of interests and hobbies like any other child his age.

Aydin Maxwell’s Mom/Dad

Aidan Maxwell Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio 2024

Aidan Maxwell was born into a blended family that epitomizes the complexities and joys of modern family relationships. His father, Willie Maxwell, better known by his stage name Fetty Wap, is a prominent figure in the music industry who has achieved widespread fame and success.

Ayden’s mother, Ariel Reese, contributes to the family’s public profile through her active presence on social media, sharing insights into her life and fostering connection with a wider audience. In addition to his immediate parents, Aydin’s family scene also includes an aunt, Davinity Maxwell, who is closely related to the family.

Central to Aydin’s family story is her role as the eldest of seven siblings, each from a different mother, including Zavira, Aaliyah, Amani, Lauren, Khari and Zai. This diverse set of siblings provides Ayden with a unique family experience, characterized by a mix of personalities, interests and dynamics.

Despite the potential challenges of managing a relationship with six half-siblings, these connections enrich Ayden’s life, providing him with a wide support network and a deeply shared sense of family unity. This complex family web depicts a modern, blended family living in the public eye while maintaining a sense of normality and togetherness amidst their unique circumstances.

Aydin Maxwell’s Career

Until now, Aidan Maxwell is primarily known for his role as the eldest son of rapper Fetty Wap rather than any particular career achievements. At her young age, Aydin’s “career” is more about her appearance and attending family-oriented events and social media posts than formal business.

Her presence in the public eye is largely due to her relationship with her famous father and the content her mother Ariel Reese shares on social media platforms.

Although Aydin has not embarked on a professional career himself, his upbringing in a family with strong ties to the entertainment industry could pave the way for future endeavors in music, acting or digital content creation, should he pursue such avenues.

The experiences and opportunities available to them through their family connections provide a unique foundation that can influence any career decisions they make in the future.

At this stage, Aidan Maxwell’s career is an unwritten story, with many more possibilities depending on his interests and the guidance of his family.

Aydin Maxwell’s Net Worth

Aidan Maxwell Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio 2024

Given Aydin Maxwell’s status as the eldest son of famous rapper Fetty Wap, it’s understandable that public curiosity extends to his financial situation. Although Aydin is too young to have amassed substantial personal wealth through his career, his association with a well-to-do family indicates a level of financial security.

Aydin’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million – $5 million, a figure that reflects not only possible trust funds or financial gifts from family members, but also his sporadic postings on social media platforms. Also shows earnings from appearances or endorsements courtesy of her mother’s post. .

However, it is important to note that these figures are fictitious and mainly indicate the financial umbrella under which he lives, due to his father’s successful music career and his mother’s social media presence.

As Ayden grows up and possibly begins his professional journey, his net worth could see significant changes, especially if he follows in the footsteps of his entertainment-industry family.

Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Height (inches)4’2”
Height (centimetres)128
Weight (pounds)81
Weight (kilograms)37
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorDark brown


Aydin Maxwell is part of a rich cultural tapestry that contributes to its unique identity. His father, Fetty Wap, has publicly identified with African-American heritage, offering Ayden a connection to the African-American community and its deep history and traditions.

On the other hand, detailed information about the ethnic background of his mother, Ariel Reyes, has not been widely publicized, leaving some aspects of Aydin’s cultural heritage little known to the public. This mix of backgrounds, primarily African-American, places Aydin in a diverse cultural framework that mirrors the multicultural landscape of the United States.

Raised in such an environment, Aidan is likely to experience a wide range of cultural traditions, perspectives and histories, all of which contribute to his personal identity and understanding of the world. This rich heritage is an integral part of Aydin and will continue to influence his journey as he grows up and finds his way.


Aydin Maxwell may be young, but his life is already full of interesting tidbits that fans will find interesting. Despite his celebrity status through family connections, Aydin enjoys activities typical of children his age, such as video games, sports and spending time with his siblings.

An interesting aspect of her life is her unique situation of being the eldest of seven half-siblings, which gives her an unusual family dynamic that few experience. Aidan has also been a part of several of his father’s music-related programs, marking an early experience in the entertainment industry that could indicate a future career path.

Another fun fact about Aydin is that he has an interest in fashion, he is often seen wearing stylish clothes in the photos shared by his parents, a nod to the flamboyant fashion sense prevalent in the music industry. Demonstrates an emerging sense of affective style.

Despite the glitz and glamor surrounding her family life, Aydin finds an emphasis on values such as family unity and respect for diverse cultural backgrounds that shape her into a reality that reflects her unique upbringing and childhood experiences.

Aidan Maxwell Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio 2024

Before Fame

Before he was thrust into the spotlight with his family’s fame, Aiden Maxwell’s life was much like that of other children, his world centered around play, learning and family moments. The early parts of Edin’s life story were written in Los Angeles, California, where he was born into a rapidly expanding music dynasty.

From the beginning, Aydin’s experience was shaped by his father’s rising stardom and the unique blend of ordinary and famous he grew up with. This period of Aydin’s life was filled with a sense of innocence and exploration, and in his early years Aydin was oblivious to the public attention that would soon become an important part of his identity.

The simplicity of childhood games and the warmth of family gatherings formed her pre-fame background, providing Aydin with a foundation of love and support. These early experiences, filled with both ordinary and extraordinary moments, laid the foundation for young Maxwell to approach his journey with confidence and curiosity, and with a strong sense of self that grew out of the love of his family and the multicultural heritage into which he was born.

Aidan Maxwell’s hobbies

  • Gamer: Aydin likes to spend his free time immersed in the world of video games, a common hobby for kids his age. This not only provides entertainment but also a way to connect with friends and peers in the spotlight.
  • Sports enthusiast: Aiden leads an active lifestyle and loves sports. Whether you play basketball, soccer or swim, he finds fun and relaxation in physical activity, demonstrating a healthy balance between screen time and physical activity.
  • Fashion and Style: Aiden developed an interest in fashion, inspired by the fashion-forward environment in which he grew up. She experiments with different styles and outfits, often showing off her budding fashion sense on social media through photos shared by her parents.
  • Family time: Although Aydin’s interests are well suited to her age, she values spending time with her family, including her six half-sisters. These moments are meant to be cherished and include a variety of activities that strengthen their relationship, from casual outings to celebratory gatherings.
  • Musical Exploration: Considering his father’s career, it’s no surprise that Aydin showed an interest in music. While he hasn’t worked professionally yet, he enjoys exploring different genres and learning about the music industry, which could indicate a future passion or career path for him.

Aydin Maxwell’s favorite things

  • Favorite Video Game: Aiden’s love for gaming is obvious, but among his extensive collection, certain games stand out as his choices, providing him with endless fun and challenge.
  • Sports interests: When it comes to sports, basketball holds a special place in Aydin’s heart. His fascination with the game was evident on and off the pitch, often attending friendly matches with family and friends.
  • Fashion brands: Although Aidan is still exploring the wider world of fashion, he has been attracted to some brands that combine comfort with fashion, reflecting his young and energetic personality.
  • Genres: Edin’s taste in music is eclectic, ranging from hip-hop to pop and electronic music, undoubtedly influenced by his father’s life, which demonstrates his openness to exploring different sounds and rhythms.
  • Movies and TV Shows: Animated movies and superhero TV shows fascinated Aydin, immersing him in a world of fantasy and adventure and providing him with an escape from the real world.
  • Books and Authors: While there is little specific information about reading preferences, Aydin enjoys stories that spark her imagination and curiosity, from adventure tales to engrossing mysteries, which foster her love of reading.
  • Culinary tastes: Aiden has a sweet tooth, with a particular fondness for chocolate and ice cream, but he also enjoys trying different cuisines, highlighting his adventurous side when it comes to food.
Aidan Maxwell Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Aiden Maxwell live now?

His mother, Ariel Reiss, lives with him in Los Angeles, California.

How old is Aiden Maxwell?

Aidan was born in the United States on May 1, 2011, so he will be 11 years old in 2022. His birthday is on May 1st every year and his zodiac sign is Taurus. His ancestors were both Jewish and Scottish.

What is Aiden Maxwell’s net worth?

Due to her age and the fact that she is not in school, Aydin depends on her parents for everything. He got everything he needed from his parents and could do nothing without them. His father, on the other hand, is believed to have $8 million.


Since he is the son of a celebrity, he sometimes appears in his father’s media posts. Even better, she frequently appears in her mom’s Instagram posts.

His Instagram username is @143_reese and as of March 2020, he has 29.9k followers. Aidan also has his own Instagram account @zoovierjr. It has 977 followers and is set to private. Her parents knew her social media accounts.

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