Countering the Buffed Iso: A Post-Patch Guide

Iso, the dimension-hopping duelist, has received significant buffs in Valorant Patch 8.11, making him a more formidable opponent. His shield is now a bigger part of his arsenal and a problem for other players. This guide equips you with the knowledge and strategies to counter Valorant Iso buff effectively in the current patch.

However, before you dive right into defeating Valorant Iso, we suggest getting your Valorant top up.

Understanding Valorant Iso’s Updated Kit:

  • Double Tap (E): Iso gains a shield immediately after a 1-second animation where he cannot shoot. He also gets a kill reset, regaining a charge if he gets 2 kills with Double Tap active. Additionally, breaking his shield no longer slows him down as much.

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General Counters

  • Punish the Activation Window: Valorant Iso is vulnerable for a short duration before the shield activates. Use this window to deal damage or even eliminate him before he can fully activate his ability.
  • Utilize Crowd Control Abilities: Smokes (Omen, Viper) and flashes (Breach, Reyna) can effectively block Iso’s vision and disrupt his entry attempts. Use these abilities to control key choke points and force him out of advantageous positions.
  • Communicate Effectively: Call out Iso’s potential locations based on sound cues and minimap information. This allows teammates to prepare for flanks and potential aggressive pushes.
  • Information Gathering is Key: Sound cues are crucial. Listen for the activation sound of Double Tap and be aware of potential flanking routes Valorant Iso might use. Utilize abilities like Sova’s Recon Bolt or Cypher’s Spycam to reveal Iso’s location before he can initiate a surprise attack.

Countering Valorant Iso’s Abilities

  • Double Tap: Focus fire: With only one charge of Double Tap now, burst damage can quickly break Iso’s shield and leave him vulnerable. Coordinate with teammates to focus fire on him as soon as you see the shield animation begin. 
  • Bait and Switch: If you hear Valorant Iso activate his Double Tap, don’t immediately engage. Move unpredictably and wait for him to emerge before firing.

Communication and teamwork are paramount when dealing with Iso. By coordinating pushes, sharing information, and utilizing abilities effectively, you can overcome the challenges posed by this elusive agent.

Agent-Specific Strategies

  • Duelists (Jett, Phoenix): Use your mobility abilities (Jett’s Dash, Phoenix’s Hot Hands) to reposition quickly and counter Iso’s flanks. Focus on dealing high-burst damage to take him down before he can react.
  • Initiators (Breach, Omen): Use your crowd control abilities (Breach’s Fault Line, Omen’s Paranoia) to disrupt Iso’s approaches and force him out of hiding.
  • Sentinels (Cypher, Killjoy): Utilize your intel-gathering and lockdown abilities (Cypher’s Spycam, Killjoy’s Alarmbot) to reveal Iso’s location and limit his options.

Bonus Tip

An alternate dimension does not stop Valorant Iso from having a clear visual and audio clue. So, if you see a kind of shimmering distortion or hear some soft echo, be careful because Iso might be there.

To summarize, by applying these techniques and adjusting them to your style of play, you can successfully counter the enhanced Valorant Iso and change the situation in your favor. Do not forget, regularly practicing and gaining experience are essential to becoming skilled at these methods. It’s time for you to try different things and improve how you handle this duel with a dimension-hopping character!

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