Exploring Clear Aligners and Understanding Their Cost


Clear aligners can help you attain a perfect smile in the most comfortable way. A beautiful smile can help you enhance your appearance and self-confidence. However, the most important concern about teeth straightening treatment is its cost. Cost is a common question that comes to mind when you wish to use clear aligners as an option. Let us understand the features of clear aligners and explore the factors that influence their cost.  

What Are Clear Aligners?   

Clear aligners are orthodontic devices that help to straighten crooked teeth. They provide a better and more comfortable way to straighten teeth than traditional braces. These aligners are transparent as they are made of clear plastic. They are custom-made to offer a comfortable fit over teeth and allow you to talk and smile freely. You will get several aligner sets depending on your case. You need to switch to a new set of aligners as your treatment progresses. The aligners slowly shift your teeth to where they should be, fixing problems like crowding, gaps, overbites, and underbites. The next set will be slightly different than the previous one due to the change in your teeth’ position. You need to wear your aligners for 22 hours or more in a day for assured results. Clear aligners are removable and offer you the liberty to remove them and eat your favourite meals. Clear aligners are gaining more popularity as they provide a discreet way to straighten crooked teeth. They are adaptable and fit your lifestyle well. They do not impose any diet restrictions like metal braces do. You can wear them everywhere and anytime without hesitation, and they offer hassle-free teeth straightening.  

 Types of Teeth Straightening Devices:   

Before we talk about cost, let’s learn about the different kinds of dental aligners or braces available:  

Clear Aligners: They are plastic trays that fit over your teeth. These are custom-made and offer a comfortable and discreet way to correct teeth position. They are removable and give you the freedom to eat everything and carry out your routine easily without any interruptions.  

Metal Braces: These are the classic ones with visible brackets and wires. They are fixed to your teeth and need extra care to maintain oral care. They impose dietary restrictions and cause discomfort and pain as they exert pressure on your teeth. They can treat mild to complex cases of crooked teeth.  

Ceramic Braces: They’re less noticeable because the brackets and wires are the colour of your teeth. They work in a similar way to metal braces. They are less durable than metal ones and can break easily. Hence, they demand more care and restrictions than metal ones.   

Lingual Braces: These braces also use metal wires that are placed behind your teeth. Hence, the wires are not visible and are perfect for those who care a lot about their appearance. These braces are more expensive than other braces and cause discomfort while speaking.  

Factors That Influence Cost of Clear Aligners   

Here are some factors that can impact the cost of clear aligners. The price of aligners can vary due to the following characteristics:  

Type of Aligners: Clear aligners generally cost more than traditional braces because they use advanced technology and look better. Metal braces are cheaper as they use metal braces and brackets and need manual fixing and adjustments as the treatment progresses. Clear aligners offer a better and more convenient way to straighten teeth than other options.  

Level of Complexity: If your dental issues are more severe, your treatment will likely take longer and require more aligners. It can increase the cost of treatment with more sets of aligners, extra dental visits and expert’s fees.  

Dentist’s Experience: Your teeth straightening would need the services of an orthodontist or an expert. An orthodontist might charge you more for his expertise and skill. But this helps you to achieve the desired results under the guidance of experts.   

Location: Costs may vary based on where you live and the demand for orthodontic services. Dental clinics in the urban areas can charge you more than those in the local areas.   

Brand and Quality: You should opt for branded aligners, which use safe and certified materials that assure guaranteed results. Regular aligners that use low-quality material often cause problems and loss of money. Hence, it is advisable to use clear aligners from branded companies.  

If you wish to choose clear aligners for straightening your crooked or gapped teeth, you can check with your dentist whether your case is suitable for teeth straightening with clear aligners. You can also check for EMI options or easy payment plans with your dentist. It can help you avail yourself of the latest teeth straightening treatment with modern aligners at an affordable price.  


Starting an orthodontic journey with clear aligners is an investment in your well-being, confidence, and oral health. Although there are wide variations in the price of teeth aligners in India, it’s essential to weigh the various elements that affect the cost and choose the one that best suits your requirements and tastes. Speak with your dentist for a customized treatment plan and learn about possible insurance or payment options.    

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