The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Wedding Vendors You Can Trust

The trick to planning a wedding? You got to be a BOSS.

You have a vision, and you’ve got to hire the right people to help bring it to life.

The best way to ensure you find the right folks for the job (i.e., your big day!) is to have a strategy in place. 

For those looking to score the ultimate A-team, check out our complete guide to hiring trustworthy reliable wedding vendors.

Make a List of the Vendors You Need

Depending on your dream for your big day, you may require a whole different list of vendors than someone else.

Put together a list of the types of professionals you’re looking to hire. You know, things like wedding planners, photographers, caterers…

Check Out Their Website

Ok, let’s be honest here. Most of us are skilled online detectives. We know the difference between a professional website and a Facebook page masquerading as one. We know what online red flags are—and where to look for what we need. Some may call it stalking, we call it virtual sleuthing. 

Once you have your list of required vendors, it’s time to begin your search. Check out websites and social media pages.

Get Referrals

Sometimes searching websites can feel like a shot in the dark, which is why it really helps to get referrals.

Ask your newlywed friends, or blast it out on social media: which vendors did people use for their wedding, and would they hire them again?

If so, get the vendor’s information, and add them to your list.

Read Reviews

We live in a time where people’s voices can be heard, loud and clear. If someone isn’t happy with something read the reviews and boy oh boy, you’ll know.

When perusing Yelp and Google reviews, it’s always good to employ a little common sense combined with healthy skepticism.

Look out for things like responses to negative reviews from the vendor themselves—did they appropriately address and resolve the situation? 

Have a Clear Vision

Before you start calling vendors and conducting interviews, it’s critical to know exactly what your expectations are. Imagine hiring painters for your house, yet having no idea about the color you want. 

You need to know what you’re looking for, so you can convey this to your vendor candidates beforehand.

Lay out your dream, and have them share all their ideas on how they could help make it come true. 

Don’t forget to include details, things like the overall feel and theme of your wedding. What’s the décor like? What style dresses will the bridesmaids be wearing? (Still searching for bridesmaid dresses? Check out Bella Bridesmaids!)

Check their Availability

Upon first establishing contact, make sure they’re available and have enough time to dedicate to your wedding before launching into the other details.

Meet in Person

Meeting with someone face-to-face is the best way to gauge how you feel about them. You want to hire someone you’re comfortable around, that you enjoy working with. Someone who is responsive and professional, and doesn’t leave you hanging.

Don’t tolerate flakiness or poor communication—trust your gut.

Ask What They Can Offer

Go over the dreamy details of your big day, your vision as you see it.

In order to learn what they can bring to the table (or if they even get your vision in the first place!) ask:

  • How would they help bring it to life?
  • What other weddings have they done that sound similar, and could they provide examples?
  • Based on what you told them, do they have any ideas they might add?

This is a great way to see if they’re the right vendors to hire.

Check their Credentials

If applicable, ensure whomever you’re considering hiring has the proper credentials, and is licensed and insured. You want to make sure you’re hiring real professionals, not someone after a quick buck.

Check their Contingency Plans

This is another mark of a true professional: someone who can seamlessly segue into a Plan B if the situation calls for it. 

Make sure you inquire about situations in the past where the you-know-what hit the fan, and how each vendor chose to navigate that situation.

Review Contracts Thoroughly

Before signing anything, make sure you review each contract thoroughly. If there’s anything that’s unclear, or you have questions, ask!



Through applying a methodical approach: using their portfolio, testimonials, and answers to your questions to help direct you to the appropriate candidates (and trusting your gut!) you’re much more likely to find what you’re looking for.

Ultimately, the people you hire are helping you orchestrate one of the biggest, most meaningful moments in your life. Make sure they are people you’ll be excited to see when the big day arrives.

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